COLLE G-STRONG - 500 gr.
  • COLLE G-STRONG - 500 gr.

COLLE G-STRONG - 500 gr.

- Nozzle 100% compatible with G-Binders 1L.

- Filling in 5 min.

Product available with different options

Advise of use : 

The GECKO 3D nozzle has an air inlet, you must drain the liquid and not squeeze the bottle. In case of presure, fluid could come out and stain you.

We advise you to use a different nozzle for each bottle of binder to avoid color mixing.

The GECKO 3D nozzle can be used several times but a natural wear can appear and you will need to change it.

Precautions :

we recommand using gloves and make the fill above a sink. Please, watch our tutorial video for more explanation.


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