COLLE G-STRONG - 500 gr.
  • COLLE G-STRONG - 500 gr.

COLLE G-STRONG - 500 gr.

  • Low odor
  • Low viscosity
  • Low blooming effect
  • Non-irritating and solventless
  • Can be applied by spray, brush or dipping

G-Strong has been especially formulated to infiltrate objects made by ColorJet Printing technology. Your parts will be treated quickly thanks to its low viscosity allowing an homogeneous penetration with low blooming effect. G-Strong will also highlight the colors of your printed pieces.

For your own comfort, G-Strong generate a very low odor.

Net Weight: 500 g

Precaution of use:

G-Strong is a formulation type Cyanoacrylate, a strong adhesive. While using it, we recommend you to wear a lab coat, gloves and glasses. It is also recommended to manipulate the product in appropriate and well-ventilated area.

G-Strong must be kept in dry area with temperature ranging from 15 °C to 25 °C to avoid risks of alteration.

Conditions of use:

Use G-Strong in areas with moisture content ranging from 40 % to 70 % and a temperature above 10 °C. In case of non-respect of these requirements, blooming effect and a modification of setting time can be observed.


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Fiche technique G-Strong fr

Fiche technique G-Strong fr

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G-Strong Technical Data Sheet

G-Strong Technical Data Sheet

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