G-300 Support - 2kg
  • G-300 Support - 2kg

G-300 Support - 2kg

  • Compatible with Projet 3500 / 3510 / 3600 MJP 3D printers
  • Alternative material to Visijet S-300™  
  • Replacement security TAG compatible with 3DSystems® machines included.
Product available with different options

Cartridge of G-300 Wax support material compatible with Projet 3500 / 3510 / 3600 3DSystems® MJP 3D printers.

This material has been formulated to be 100% compatible with your machine, you don't need to change the material or purge your 3D printer.

All our cartridges are delivered with a brand new security Tag.

Net Weight: 2 KG


Let your cartridge for 15 minutes in its docking station before clipping it, this will fluidize the material.


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