G-Fused Carbon
  • G-Fused Carbon

G-Fused Carbon

  • Compatible with Stratasys® 3D printers
  • Carbon fibers (average size 140 µm)
  • Lighter and stronger parts
  • EEPROM chip compatible with Stratasys® included
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High quality ABS filament compatible with Stratasys®3D printers.

CAUTION: This filament contains fibers and can wear faster your extrusion heads.

G-Fused Carbon filaments exhibit mechanical strengh 35 % higher than regular ABS. They can be used to print parts that require higher mechanical resistance.

All our filaments are delivered with a brand new EEPROM chip.

Our filaments have been developed and produced in France in order to guarantee traceability and the best quality.

Volume: 922 cc / 56 cube inch


Please refer to the section “How to refill your cartridge” in Tech support to know how to use G-Fused.

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