G-POWDER - 20 Kg
  • G-POWDER - 20 Kg

G-POWDER - 20 Kg

Composite powder for ColorJet Printing technology compatible with PROJET X60© and ZCORP©

Economic solution

Stronger parts


Description :

The G-Powder has been formulated to bring you a better surface shape, more details and better parts resistance. 
This powder has been developed, produced and tested by ourselves in France to guarantee traceability and high quality.

Net weight: 20 kg /Gross weight : 21 kg

Note :

  • G-Powder is compatible with PROJET X60© and ZCORP© machines.
  • We recommend to not mix G-Powder with other powders such as PXL Core©. The composition is different and you'll have a better rendering if you only use the G-Powder.

Use precautions :

  • G-Powder is a dispersing powder, so we recommend to always use a mask protection when you handle or work with it.
  • Store at room temperature and in a dry place
  • Keep away from any source of moisture.
  • In case of contact with eyes, wash abundantly with water and consult a doctor.
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